Content is the key to any successful marketing strategy for community banks and credit unions. But what does effective content marketing look like? Simply having pages on your bank’s website describing the products and services you offer isn’t enough. So, how can you use different content pieces to effectively market yourself to better connect with new and existing customers? Embrace a diverse content approach. 

Content Type 

What It Is 

When You Should Use It 

Blog Article 

A long-form piece of content focused on a specific topic designed to engage with users on a deeper level.  

Blogs are versatile content pieces that can be used to go in depth on a wide range of topics, including money management, highlighting new products, and general financial advice.  

Info Graphic 

A visual representation of content to simplify complex information that is designed to be easily shareable.  

Any time you have a lot of data that can be made easier to read by adding photos or other visuals. Info graphics can be used on anything from annual report summaries to step-by-step guides to help your customers complete online applications. 

Comparison Chart 

A table that allows a user to compare similar products and services for easy consumption. 

Comparison charts are a great option for doing side-by-side comparisons of deposit accounts or loan products to highlight everything from a brief description to fees and rates.  


A short clip of no longer than 5 minutes. 

Videos are ideal to demonstrating step-by-step processes, especially for online and mobile banking services to show how your users can take full advantage of those services. 

Direct Mail Piece 

A marketing or informational piece of content mailed directly to an existing or prospective customer.  

Direct mail pieces are a great way to highlight new products and services throughout your bank’s market. If possible, using variable data printing to customize each direct mail piece as much as possible for each recipient can drastically improve response rates.  

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