More than ever, consumers are making decisions about their banking services entirely online. More often than not, the very first impression you make with a potential new customer comes from a digital experience. Banks and credit unions that create a digital marketing plan focused on connecting with customers online are giving themselves an advantage over competitors in their area. 

Marketing Strategy 

What It Is 

Why It’s Important 


A section of your website dedicated for posts that provide your users with expanded, timely content about how they can develop strategies to better manage their finances. 

Blog content is keyword-focused and unique to your website. It’s valuable for users at every level of their decision-making process and can improve your website’s organic search performance, especially for local searches. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

A marketing service focused on improving your website’s organic search performance by making it more likely to appear in search results for relevant keywords and phrases. 

Organic traffic is free. The more of it you get to your site, the better. Implementing an SEO strategy is a holistic approach to improving the content of your website, adding reputable backlinks and better connecting with your users. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

A marketing strategy designed to attract users to your site by creating ads that will appear when a user performs a search for a certain keyword.  

Online marketing is becoming more of a “pay to play” space. Creating a strategy that includes paid search ads can help guarantee a steady flow of traffic to your website while also protecting your brand when people search specifically for your business.  

Social Media Management 

Implementing a unified content strategy across all your social media accounts. 

Each of your social media accounts presents a chance to interact with current or potential customers. These audiences are looking to engage and share relevant content. Most importantly, it is a great opportunity to create better local connections in your community. 

Reputation Management 

A service that will claim your online listings and monitor reviews across several different online directories such as Google, Yelp and Bing. 

Knowing what people are saying about your brand is critical. Positive reviews tell you what you’re doing well, and negative reviews can help you make improvements. Owning your listings and promptly responding to all reviews creates more trust with your brand. 

Email Marketing 

A marketing strategy focused on building campaigns and sending them to email addresses you’ve already collected to help boost customer education and drive new business. 

Email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing services. It offers a direct line to an individual who, in many cases, is already a qualified lead. It is also effective for all age groups because people of all ages and demographics use email regularly. 

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