Whether you’re aware of it or not, every time a customer comes to your website, your financial institution is being evaluated. Your current customers and, maybe more importantly, potential new customers are interacting with your brand, and it’s important to make a good impression. Most financial institutions place a high degree of importance on creating a positive customer experience every time someone comes into a branch office. You need to think of your website as a digital branch office and focus on creating a positive user experience to attract new customers and retain the customers you already have. 

What is Website User Experience? 

User experience, commonly referred to as UX, is an approach that focuses on creating a positive, easy customer experience from the first interaction to the final interaction. For your website, that means implementing a design focused on simplicity and ease of use in both the site’s design and content strategy. In the simplest terms, your website should feature a visually-appealing, intuitive design that guides users to the content they need in as few clicks as possible.  

What Should My Website's Design Include? 

Adhering to UX design principles includes several key concepts that are specific to financial websites. These concepts include: 

Online Banking Login 

A majority of every financial institution's website traffic comes from current customers who come to the website to log into their online banking profile. With any redesign, your online banking login should be prominently featured and easy to find. 

Cut Down on Clicks Wherever Possible 

Streamlining content to a single page whenever possible is one of the top principles of a UX-focused content strategy. For example, instead of having a page for each individual checking account you offer, place a comparison chart on a single page featuring all your checking accounts. This will help users avoid frustration and prevent needless extra clicks.  

Clear Calls to Action 

There should be a task for a user to complete on every page of your site focused on products and services. If your financial institution has processes that support online applications or account openings, include a button link to the online application. If you are more focused on face-to-face interaction, a link to your locations page is also a great option.  

Improve Your Financial Institution Website’s UX 

At forbinfi, we specialize in helping banks and credit unions evaluate their website’s user experience and implementing design principles to improve customer experience and drive conversions. Allow us to enhance your UX!

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