As Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) climb in popularity, the forbinfi team wanted to give some advice on where to start when launching this to your communities! 

Identify the target market:  

Before implementing a marketing plan, it's important to identify the target market. In this case, the target market would be people who live or work in the town(s) where the bank is located. 

Highlight the benefits of ITMs:  

One of the primary benefits of ITMs is that they provide personalized service and extended hours of availability, which is particularly useful for customers who work full-time or have busy schedules. The marketing plan should emphasize the convenience and flexibility that ITMs offer. 

Create an awareness campaign: 

In order to introduce ITMs to the community, the bank should launch an awareness campaign through local media outlets such as newspapers, radio stations, and social media. The campaign should highlight the benefits of ITMs and provide information about how to use them. 

Train employees:  

It's important that bank employees are familiar with the ITMs and can answer customer questions. The bank should provide training to employees so that they can provide a high level of customer service. 

Offer incentives:  

To encourage customers to try out the new technology, the bank could offer incentives such as reduced transaction fees or a small deposit bonus for those who use the ITMs. 

Host a launch event:  

The bank should consider hosting a launch event to generate interest in the new technology. This could involve inviting local stakeholders or customers, providing refreshments, and offering ITM demonstrations. 

Monitor and evaluate:  

The bank should regularly monitor and evaluate the success of the marketing plan. This can involve analyzing customer feedback and transaction data to determine if the ITMs are being used effectively. 

By following these steps, your financial institution can successfully market its ITMs to the local community and increase its customer base! If you’re in need of a helping hand with this launch, forbinfi is here to help. We can offer digital marketing solutions such as social media, email marketing, online videos and website updates as well as print marketing such as direct mail, newspaper ads, brochures and signage to properly launch ITMs to the community! 

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