At forbinfi, we pride ourselves on being adaptable to our clients’ ever-changing needs. This is especially true for our security clients that face their own unique sets of legal and compliance requirements. As a financial institution, security is one of your top priorities, whether that’s the security of your brick-and-mortar branch locations or the digital properties of your bank’s website. 

In recent months, several of forbinfi’s clients have asked us the question “Does your website’s content management system offer a multi-factor authentication login?” We’d like to address the importance of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and why it’s important for your financial institutions’ content management system (CMS.) 

What is Multi-Factor Authentication and Why is it Important? 

In its simplest form, MFA provides an extra layer of security by making a user verify their identity before they can log into your CMS. Here’s how your login process works once MFA is enabled: 

  • You will enter your username and password 
  • You will be prompted to confirm your identity via the MFA integration you’ve chosen 
    • This confirmation can be a push notification sent to your MFA application or may require you to enter a code from your MFA application 
    • It all depends on which MFA program you choose to integrate with your website 
  • Once you’ve completed the MFA process, you’ll be logged into your CMS 

Why Do I Need Multi-Factor Authentication for My Financial Institution’s Website? 

While multi-factor authentication is not a requirement at the moment, more banks are being encouraged to integrate a MFA application by their IT providers as part of their regular IT audits. We are encouraging our clients to be proactive and integrate their BankWeb™ VPanel™ CMS with an MFA application before it becomes a mandatory requirement. Forward-thinking banks have been implementing these security measures and are even recommending the businesses they serve take these steps. 

Does it Matter Which MFA Application I Choose? 

At forbinfi, we recommend our clients use Duo Two-Factor Authentication. This is an application that can easily integrate into your systems and is focused on user experience. Benefits include: 

  • Employee Self Enrollment 
  • MFA is centrally managed and monitored by your IT staff 
  • No hardware required with "DUO Push" authentication 
  • Password-less Authentication with existing applications single sign-on 
  • Simplified implementation of "Zero Trust" 
  • Allows you to assign and enforce security policies on a per user or per application basis 

While we recommend our clients use Duo, we understand there are a variety of MFA applications out there. Our team can work with you to meet your needs. 

How Long Does it Take to Complete an MFA Integration? 

Once you’ve chosen which MFA application you want integrated with your CMS, forbinfi can generally complete the project within a week. The full project time will depend on the specific circumstances of your upgrade. 

The team at forbinfi can provide you with all the details you need to improve security for your financial institution’s website by using a MFA application.

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